#Education #Angola: Huambo – School Curriculum Must Include Environmental Education – Expert

Huambo — The environmentalist João Domingos Njava Manuel last Saturday in the central Huambo Province said that schools countrywide must create programmes relating to environmental education, having into account the need to protect and preserve the environment.

Speaking to ANGOP, in the ambit of the National Environment Day, marked on 31 Janaury, the expert said that the best way to fight environmental problems is through the promotion of awareness campaigns for the citizens.

He went on to say that the school is the appropriate place to effect changes in the attitude of citizens, because that is where knowledge is conveyed in a systematic and scientific manner.

João Domingos Njava Manuel also stressed that the most frequent environmental problems are lack of proper management of solid residues, destruction of biodiversity, contamination of rivers and soils, air and sound pollution, as well as the burning of forests.

He then concluded that these problems happen as a result of the lack of educational programmes for citizens to learn about the need to protect and preserve nature.


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