#Environment: 10 Things to Know about the Global Water Crisis



A recent research released by the Climate Disclosure Organisation (CDP), warns that more than 100 cities will face flood-related risks similar to those currently being felt in Houston.

The data, which was pulled from voluntarily-disclosed water statistics provided by 569 cities and 1,432 companies; and produced in partnership with infrastructure firm AECOM and charity Bloomberg Philanthropies, shows that 63% of cities see future risks relating to water supply, many of which will be exacerbated by climate change. Almost 85% of cities in Asia and Oceania are concerned about “serious risks”, and these concerns only fall slightly in Africa (80%) and Latin America (75%).

Here are 10 things to note about the global water crisis:

  1. $9.5bn is ‘urgently needed’ to combat water stress
  2. 103 cities are facing ‘serious’ flood risks
  3. 80% of wastewater flows back untreated
  4. Businesses have lost $14bn in water damages
  5. London could have a 520-million-litre water deficit by 2050
  6. Rio de Janeiro loses 40% of its water supply annually
  7. Wellington’s renewables transition has been hit hard by droughts
  8. Philippines is set to suffer from saltwater intrusion
  9. Karachi is braced for ‘water riots’ as supply moves out of the city
  10. Uganda’s water treatment costs have increased four-fold

According to the researchers of this report, the impact of the floods currently being experienced in the Texan city of Houston, where at least nine people have reportedly died and more than 30,000 have been forced to evacuate their homes in response to severe flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey; will not be the last.

It is therefore important that businesses and all stakeholders strive to achieve water efficiency as a critical aspect of corporate sustainability.


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