#Environment: Community Protests Against Council’s Fracking Plan in North Yorkshire


Anti-fracking campaigners will hold a demonstration outside North Yorkshire’s county hall during a meeting today and have promised not to give up their fight against plans to create the UK’s first operational fracking site.

The Government is determined that fracking will take place across the north of England, with the argument that the venture has the potential of providing greater energy security, employment opportunities and growth in the economy.

Planning officers have recommended that fracking, which uses fluid to fracture gas-bearing rocks thousands of feet below ground, should be allowed at an isolated gas well in rural Ryedale called KM8.

Previously, the only fracking attempt in Britain, near Blackpool in 2012, was abandoned after causing minor earthquakes.

When asked questions about the impact of the project, Third Energy, which currently extracts gas conventionally from the Ryedale site to power a nearby power station, says it has a policy of not publicly discussing its operations.

The firm’s CEO in an interview stated, “There will be no harm to the wider public or the environment as a result of our operations here if we are allowed to proceed.” But apparently, that response was not good enough for the people and stakeholder of the York Shire community.

Rt Rev Graham Cray, who resides close to KM8 in the tiny village of Kirby Misperton, believes fracking will be bad for the environment and local people’s health. In his opinion:

“We are not saying there could never be fracking, we’re saying there are serious questions about health, the economy and the environment,” he said.

Third Energy could be given permission to use the controversial process to extract gas following a two-day meeting at North Yorkshire County Council.


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