#Environment: Payatas, Philippines Plans to Build Classrooms from Plastics Bottles

On the doorstep of the notorious Payatas dumpsite – the place where thousands of tonnes of Manila garbage is dumped every day – the local people are planning for a green future for their children. They have built a classroom from old plastic bottles picked from the dustbin, thereby solving two problems at once. First a refuse problem and second, not enough room to educate the next generation of local children.

When construction of the additional classroom is complete, it will be as strong as a classroom constructed from bricks and cement. It will as well cost 40% less. The structure will be naturally insulated – stay warm in winters and vice versa, thereby reducing the consumption of additional energy to heat or cool the structure. The classroom will be fully built with less than 8000 Bottle2Build Brick Bottles.

Previously, schools were only built of cement, steel and glass. But now, it is a cheaper alternative especially for poor areas. This is with no doubt, the best way to save our planet.



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