EPA to Introduce Plane Pollution Regulations


New regulations on pollution from commercial airlines were announced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Monday following a new report which states that commercial aeroplane emissions – Carbone dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide – were classified as contributors to climate change and endangerment to public health.

EPA spokeswoman Janet McCabe said: “Addressing pollution from aircraft is an important element of U.S. efforts to address climate change… EPA has already set effective greenhouse gas standards for cars and trucks and any future aircraft engine standards will also provide important climate and public health benefits.”

According to EPA, aircraft emissions are responsible for 3% of US total greenhouse gas emissions, and it happens to be the largest source of emissions which is not regulated yet by the agency.

Vera Pardee, spokeswoman for the Centre for Biological Diversity calls upon the US Government to take immediate and effective actions in tackling aircraft pollution especially since the establishment of a proper guiding policy had been previously declined in order to reduce high-flying hazard to the climate.

Although specific emissions standards have not been set up yet, they might be released in the beginning of next year. Implementation of the regulations then depends on the outcome of the US presidential election next November.


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