EU Homes Set to Have Electric Car Chargers

According to the European Union, all new or refurbished homes/premises in Europe would be equipped with electric vehicle recharging points and stations by 2019. The decree which is to be published at the end of the year, states that 10 per cent of parking spaces will need recharging facilities by 2023.

By making electric vehicles more comfortable and assessable, car owners would be encouraged to switch to zero-emission vehicles, thereby controlling greenhouse gas emission and reducing air pollution in the region. Besides, car manufacturers are also helping out by converting used EV batteries into renewable energy power stations in order to balance the added demands EVs will place on the electricity grid.

The EU initiative is proposed to lay the infrastructure compulsory for countries such as Norway and the Netherlands. The EU plans to ban all vehicles with diesel engines by the year 2025.
“This kind of market stimulus is not just positive, it is mandatory if we want to see a massive rollout of electric vehicles in the near future,” said Guillaume Berthier, head of electric car sales for automaker Renault. The question of how you recharge your car when you live in an apartment within a city is a very important one.”

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