#Event: 2016 African Ecosystem Service Partnership Conference


The first Conference of the Regional Africa chapter of Ecosystem Service Partnership (ESP) holds on November 21-25 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya. The conference theme will be ‘Ecosystem Services for SDGs in Africa’. Discussions will focus on Africa’s contribution towards data and evidence on best practices for management, restoration of ecosystem services for decision making particularly towards the realization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Africa’s participation in this forum is heightened by the underwhelming data and information on ecosystem services and climate change from the continent. This makes it difficult to formulate strategic policies and implement action for sustainable development.

The conference will bring together 250 African experts, students, policy makers, and the private sector to discuss, explore and exchange research as well as action on preserving and restoring ecosystem services on the content. Registration is possible from 9 August to 1 November 2016 through the online registration platform.

In addition, there is a call for abstract for a presentation to the First regional African Ecosystem Service Partnership Conference. The conference will host many sessions around ESP’s thematic working groups, sector-oriented sessions and open topic sessions. Abstract should be submitted before 4 September.



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