#Event: Automotive Industry Action Group 2016 Quality Summit

The AIAG 2016 Quality summit has been scheduled to hold on September 29-30, 2016 with the theme: “Surviving and Thriving through Industry Transformation”.

The AIAG Quality Summit is organized by the Automotive Industry Action Group, a group that coordinates the collaboration of automotive industry members to develop common global standards for Quality, Supply Chain, and Corporate Responsibility issues.

The event will be focusing on helping all-sizes of organizations to channel efforts into fortifying their systems such that they are able to excel and thrive during the period of transformation in the automotive industry.

The said transformation may be due to disruptive product technologies, such as adaptive driving systems or adapting to increased oversight and heightened regulations or a pending revision of the industry’s quality management system standard. Through all these reasons, an unmistakable consensus is that the industry is going through a rigorous phase of transformation.


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