#Event: Building Resilient Communities in Africa and the Islands


The 2017 BCI Africa Conference and Awards event has been scheduled for 12th September 2017. This conference affords participants the opportunity to interact with practitioners and representatives from different countries in African Continent and on the Islands of the Indian Ocean.

The Principles of Business Continuity as a Societal Security issue now influence the thinking of a wider range of disciplines and professions than ever before.

Over the last one year, the global landscape has changed in many ways and Africa is directly influenced by many of these changes. The futurists views of changes in the way business is conducted and industries are run are no longer future -they are real, from self-flying cars to advanced artificial Intelligence applications.

How will these affect strategies for business continuity and resilience in Africa?

The theme of the year ‘Building Resilient Communities in Africa and the Islands’ has been specifically chosen to challenge the paradigms of Business Continuity that exist in Africa.


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