#Event: That Time I FAILED

The TTIF (That Time I Failed) event, an initiative of Incussus Community Development, was created to change the mindset of millennials on the concept of failure especially in business and the need to embrace it as a stepping stone to success.

Incussus Community Development is an organisation set up to ensure that sustainable development is delivered in more impactful ways through clearly articulated focus areas and goals by Public, Private and Nonprofit Organisations across Nigeria.

#TTIFSERIES presents a platform for entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs who have experienced failures in business and/or entrepreneurial journeys to share with other experienced, young and aspiring business owners lessons learnt. By extension, #TTIFSERIES may also include extensions to development interventions and societal issues that people do not ordinarily speak about, that also have direct/indirect impacts on individual & societal living –divorce, infertility, drug abuse, etc

The maiden event, which is set to hold on the 2nd of August will feature atleast 2 guest speakers who are successful business leaders that have experienced failure in different stages of their careers.

Date: August 2nd, 2018.

Time: 10 am prompt

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

To register click here

For more information send an email to incussusnigeria@gmail.com

Registration Fee: 5,000 NGN

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