#EVENTS: Africa Climate Week; Bridging the gap between UN’s push for climate action and non-party entities

Africa Climate Week 2019, which took place from 18th to 22nd March in Accra, Ghana, brought together leading sustainability innovators from the public and private sectors for an energetic and honest dialogue about African climate concerns and the next steps in combatting them. It was the first Regional Climate Week of 2019, to be followed by Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Caribbean Climate Weeks.

The event in Accra focused on bridging the divide between parties to the UN’s push for climate action and nonparty entities looking to make a difference at national and communal levels in their own ways. It explored the rich potential of Africa to build on existing strides in energy, agriculture, and human settlements and set an example on the world stage.

Africa Climate Week was a time for optimistic productivity. The various participants in the event created a hub for dialogue and reflection in the region, where existing accomplishments can be celebrated while fresh strategies for sustainable living were presented, refined, and agreed upon.


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