#EVENTS: Second Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation in Africa

Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents to climate change. Impacts of climate change are already being felt, Increases in temperature, lower agriculture productivity and the unavailability of water resources, among others. These state of affairs illustrates the need for a better understanding of how climate change affects African countries.

The second Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation in Africa , organized  by the University of Ibadan (Nigeria), Manchester Metropolitan University (UK),  the Research and Transfer Centre ‘Sustainable Development and Climate Change Management’ of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and the International Climate Change Information Programme (ICCIP) is set to take place in the month of May.

The event will focus on enhancing Africa’s capacity to cope with climate change as well as the mobilization of African and non-African scholars undertaking research and/or executing climate change projects in the African continent.


Location: Nigeria

Registration deadline: Mar 30, 2018

More info: Event Information and Registration

Date: May 14, 2018 – May 15, 2018 5:00PM WAT


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