Federal Government Partners Zuckerberg to Support Start-ups

Nigeria has a growing technology scene full of ambitious young entrepreneurs who are seeking out solutions to various social challenges.  Last week, thirty young entrepreneurs competed for a chance to pitch their start-up companies to the Nigerian president.

Emma Okena, CEO of Tracology, was picked along with two others. Okena’s team created a barcode that will be posted on people’s front gates, so garbage men know whether the trash to be picked up has been paid for. Okena won a cash prize of more than $8,000 from telecommunications company Airtel, an event sponsor.

Collaborating with investors, Generation Enterprise came up with the idea of helping 30 young entrepreneurs compete to pitch their business ventures to the Nigerian president. The government backed the idea.

The recession of the Nigerian economy can be alleviated by supporting tech businesses.  “The youth enthusiasm in this country, their can-do spirit, their sheer force can energize the whole nation,” Vice President Osinbajo said. “Huge gaps and disparities still exist. So our concern is about creating more equality, more opportunity in education, to level the playing field so that more young people can get a clear chance in life.”


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