Germany Launches €17 Billion Energy Strategy

Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy, has announced a new strategy that aims to increase energy efficiency in Germany. Fund of more than €17 billion has been allocated to promote energy efficiency measures by 2020.

The strategy includes five programs. Some of such programs are an incentive program for the prevention of heat loss and the use of thermal discharge support measures, a program to promote highly efficient multi-disciplinary technologies and a competitive bidding for measures to save electricity. The strategy also incorporates a pilot project to promote new energy services and business models that are based on digital energy meters and information campaign.

On the new strategy, Minister Gabriel said that energy efficiency saves money and is a smart strategic economic policy at the same time. He went further to say that “With investments in energy efficiency technologies, we modernise our country, strengthen innovation and competitiveness of our economy, reduce our dependence on imported raw materials and their price levels and secure the future of our workforce through sustainable jobs.”


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