Global Cities Inc. Promotes Early Digital Education

Global Cities Inc. hosted a symposium on global digital education on Friday, May 13, 2016. The symposium which was a program of Bloomberg Philanthropies convened twenty-five (25) schools and educators from Barcelona, London and Warsaw.

Michael Bloomberg, a three-term Mayor of New York and a Philanthropist said “Combating the ignorance that breeds fear begins with young people and giving students positive experiences with students from other countries doesn’t just enhance their education journeys rather, it strengthens the fabric of our societies. Every local challenge has a global connection; and in order to be good citizens today, we must be global citizens, too. That’s why programs that bring students from diverse cultures together are so important. This is also why technology is so critical to the idea of global citizenship.”

The Global Scholars program brings students of ages 10 to 13-year old in multilateral e-classrooms. Students gain the use of interactive, multimedia online classroom and original curriculum materials to communicate about important global issues with their international peers while teachers gain year-round professional development and a connection to a worldwide network of educators.

At this year’s symposium, educators and global digital experts discussed how to increase American students’ access to international learning opportunities. Also, the role of Internet-based activities and peer to peer exchanges in students’ global citizenship was explored. The symposium brought alternative global digital education models forward for the different needs of each school district.


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