A set of an all-electric zero-emission double decker buses has just been launched by the Transport For London (TFL) Company. The launch took place with London’s Deputy Mayor of Environment and Energy, Matthew Pencharz, receiving the first bus from the manufacturer.

The buses are more than 33 feet long. They also have air conditioners and spaces for 54 seating passengers and 27 standing passengers. They are equipped with iron-phosphate batteries that can generate 345 kWh of power. The vehicles can move for 24 hours and require four hours charge for that.

The buses were designed and developed by BYD, the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles in the world. Pencharz expressed his excitement and noted that the cost of running these buses is low and so are the maintenance and operation costs. He also talked about the benefits of the buses as being Zero-emission and Zero tail-pipe pollution buses.


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