GRI-UNGC Partner towards SDGs Reporting

The GRI and the UNGC have partnered to initiate a ground breaking initiative aimed at shaping the future of Corporate Reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals. This initiative, planned as a two year project would lay down best practices for reporting on the SDGs.

During a webinar held on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at the GRI Secretariat, Amsterdam, Teresa Fogelberg, Deputy Chief Executive, GRI and Carrie Hall, Chief of Communications and Impact Reporting, UNGC, shared the aim of the partnership, the need for an SDGs reporting standard and how organisations can get involved in the initiative.
SDGs reporting is aimed at ensuring that businesses will be able to measure their contributions to the SDGs. Hence, the SDGs reporting standard to be launched will ensure that SDGs reporting will be more straightforward, easier to understand, simpler to execute, and easily accessible for all.

Divided into two phases, 2017 will be used for planning the project with several discussions with stakeholders on ‘what it means for businesses’ from July till December while the second phase on ‘Alignment and accessibility to users’ would hold in 2018.

Theresa Fogelberg explained that last year, the UNGC set up 5 thematic directions cross cutting four platforms of which reporting is a paramount arm.

The project structure on linking GRI Standards with the SDGs was therefore shared as follows:
• Preliminary analysis
• SDGs reporting handbook (Guide to be launched at the UN General Assembly on September 18, 2017)
• Multi-stakeholders Advisory Committee (MAC) to give methodology to the project
• Corporate Action Group (CAG)
• Investors ( in partnership with PRI)

Stakeholder engagement would be through the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee (MAC) and the Corporate Action Group (CAG).

CAG: Open to businesses only. Members will pay to sign up by GRI &UNGC in order to share emerging best practices.
Theresa stressed that the CAG would be an action platform to help shape the future of Corporate Reporting on the SDGs hence, it would be of benefit to all companies to join the CAG in order to influence and make the SDGs work. It is also for members to be well equipped to ensure the goals are well implemented. Joining the CAG is also the first step to exercising leadership in the SDGs agenda.
The CAG would be launched on the 27th of March in Netherlands (The Hague).

MAC: Members consist of CAG businesses and non-paying representatives from SMEs, government, CSOs, investors, trade unions, and the academia. The group is set up to input and validate deliverables.

How to engage
• Corporates – Join the CAG (15 members already signed up).
• Investors – Join a special investors event together with PRI in Stockholm on May 4, 2017)
• Others – Follow the process on

Join CAG by contacting
• Rebecca Hall, Corporate &Stakeholder Relations, GRI at –
• Bernhard Frey, Environment, Climate & Reporting, UNGC at –

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