Heila Technologies Wins Clean Energy Competition


Heila Technologies, a team of MIT students and alumni, has been named the 9th winner of MIT Clean Energy Competition with a prize of a hundred thousand US dollars ($100,000). The MIT Clean Energy competition is aimed at quickening the pace of clean energy innovation and entrepreneurship.

The MIT Clean Energy Prize presented six awards and the awardees are Heila Tech, Iron Goat, Poly6 Technologies, Amper and Qapture, with Iron Goat receiving two awards.

Heila Tech won the grand prize for their innovation that helps micro grid enable energy transformation. It shows the potential to bring more clean energy solutions to mass market.

A Co-founder of Heila Technologies said that the prize will help the company speed up on the development of their technologies and testing in other projects. Daniel Hullah, Director of Ventures at National Grid went further to commend the achievement of Heila Technologies and the commitment of MIT Clean Energy Prize to a sustainable future.


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