HP and Others Makes Effort towards Syrian Refugee Education

Hewlett Packard’s sustainability organization has been engaged in developing and deploying programs that aim to restore some normalcy for displaced young people. This is done by extending a lifeline to better education and a connection to peers around the globe.

HP was among the companies recognized by the White House for taking action to help aid refugees through education, new tools and access to technology.

The program will establish local learning centres where small groups of teenage girls can attend regularly scheduled classes under the supervision of a qualified project staff person or volunteer. This will enable Syrian girls to attend virtual, online classes to learn English and the Girl Scouts to earn Truth Seeker badges. HP Foundation’s innovative e-learning platform, HP LIFE, will also be offered as part of the training. In addition, HP has funded and provided technology to 57 Community Technology Access (CTA) centres, which are run by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in refugee camps across 26 countries. The program provides access to computers, computer literacy, and connectivity for refugees and internally displaced persons.

An initial pilot for the Truth Seekers Education Project is rolling out in Jordan, a country that has received more than 600,000 Syrian refugees and has struggled with overcrowded classrooms and overstretched resources.


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