ICT Networks on the Up boosts Multidimensional Growth in Ethiopia


ICT and other recent technology-born devices have engendered a range of activities whether internally or externally, knowledge transfers and other related human tasks.

Apart from playing an unmatched role in disseminating information, easing communication challenges, keeping quality and expanding education, ICT has also become one of human job creation opportunities. Although not confined to specific purposes, ICT can be used in enhancing multidimensional growth.

In recognizing its significant role in fostering economic development, Ethiopia has given ICT due attention as one of its strategic priorities for its all rounded and all entailing development.

Some of the areas ICT has been used to achieve this in the country can be seen in the following aspects:
1. Economy: ICT played a major role in driving the Second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II)

2. Infrastructure: The country has established Information Technology (IT) Parks with a view to establishing an important resource network for information technology and to promote connections including increased economic linkages between foreign and local industries.

3. Governance: The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) spearheads the ICT development of the nation use ICT in developing policy instruments, designing various programmes, mobilizing resources, guiding implementations

4. Health: The use of telemedicine to foster easy access to health care delivery.

Aiming at tracking the nation’s ICT demand, technology has been used to keep up with the ever growing world economy, emerging competition in the global arena and hastening technology transfer. 

Currently, the government has continued investing in and expanding communication infrastructures to meet the country’s growing demand for ICT by increasing access to the public sector network. No doubt, investment and promotion of ICT in the country will create a huge potential in hastening the country’s economic transformation and ensuring its GTP II with the support of the private sector.
Hence, unless driven by information technology, industry and economic development will lag behind the nation’s aspiration to a fast growth.

Also, increasing efforts to make the already set up infrastructure developments and expanding services should be a necessity not only to the government but to stakeholders, too.


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