Improvement On Agricultural Funds in Africa


African countries must improve spending in agriculture so as to transform the lives of the people and ensure food security to end widespread poverty in Africa.

   Some experts called on both government leaders and private sector to increase efforts in improving agriculture in the continent during the ongoing African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) in Kigali, Rwanda, on Wednesday.

   At the conference, delegates are meeting to seek ways that could improve farmers’ welfare and make better agriculture production in African countries. Continent needs to improve its food security status and increase investments in agriculture to accomplish economic growth.

   Business in Africa will not accomplish our goals; we must do more and do it more effectively. Till date, Africa still produces less on agriculture land because mechanization is still very low. We must improve mechanization and make use of high quality seeds across Africa.

   Both governments and private sectors must make use of the new chances before us to improve agriculture and adopt solutions faster that allows the continent to advance. Smaller farmers always suffer low incomes and poor standard of living yet they provide more than 80 percent of the food and agricultural products consumed across the continent.

   But there is more commitment by governments to increase agriculture funding. For example, the Kenyan government committed Ksh200 million ($2 million) to the youth engaged in the agriculture value chain, and this works for countries and the youth. AGRA is also financing a $25 million five-year agricultural strategic plan revealed by the Rwandan government in 2016.

The Declaration calls on African governments to assign at least 10 percent of their national budgets to agriculture with the aim of promoting agricultural transformation, food security, nutrition, and wealth creation.

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