The World Water Day has been over the years, an opportunity to know more about water related issues. Its history goes back to the 1992 United Nations conference on Environment and Development where it was recommended that there should be an international observance in water. The response to this was choosing March 22 1993 as the premiere World Water Day and this celebration has held annually since then. The day is observed to get people’s attention on the need to conserve potable drinking water as well as look for solutions to provide the same to people around the world. Programs are organized by UN in its member countries on good water management practices, conserving water, the importance of safe drinking water, to mention a few.

The major focus for this year’s World Water Day theme- Water and Jobs- is the main role of water in creating and supporting good quality jobs.

Join the global appreciation of water this year March 22, 2016…. Save Water, Save Life.

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