In Print: Ericsson Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report 2015: Technology for Good

This 23rd edition of Ericsson Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report provides information on the activities of the Ericsson Group and all its subsidiaries. It discloses how Ericsson has used technology in the past one year to impact its community, business, and the world.

Addressing the 3 core areas of conducting business responsibly namely energy, environment, and climate change, and communication for all; Ericsson details how in one year, it has managed human rights issues across the sales process, stood strong against anti-corruption and ensured the health and safety of its employees. In addition, it attained a zero fatality rate in 2015, reduced Co2 emissions through smart technology, and made significant efforts to fight climate change through strategic partnerships.

Making particular emphasis on its commitment towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the report stresses Ericsson’s strong belief in fast tracking and achieving the goals through technology as it highlights the commitments and activities of the company through the use of ICT to facilitate these.

A section dedicated to accentuating the objectives and progress on all its sustainability activities simplifies the report although the entire report, comprising more text than pictures or info graphics, data and few case studies; will be difficult for an average stakeholder to comprehend.

The report – published in accordance with the UN Global Compact Advanced Level Criteria, UN Guiding Principles on business and human rights reporting framework; and also the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines – can be tagged comprehensive. It also includes the UN Guiding Principles Framework Index and the GRI Content Index.

Consequently, Ericsson Sustainability and CorSporate Responsibility Report 2015 truly communicates the group’s activities at creating positive impacts for its business and stakeholders through responsible business conduct, and managing the environment, social, and ethical risks.

Publisher: Ericsson Group
Year of Publication: 2015


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