In Print: Gifts and Graft: How Boko Haram uses Financial Services for Recruitment and Support

‘Gifts and Grafts’ is a follow up to the earlier published report on ‘Motivations and Empty Promises’: Voices of Former Boko Haram Combatants and Nigerian Youth. Mercy Corps published this report to detail the financial incentives that initiated some Boko Haram members into the sect.

Based on interviews with seventy-four (74) community members in Maiduguri, Borno State Nigeria, the organization discloses that many members were lured through promises of protection, economic opportunities and access to funds. Thus, the feeling of indebtedness led many members to join whilst some others were coerced while attempting to repay loans.

Recommendations from the publishers of the report for the government, private sector, financial organisations, and the civil society, include:  creating awareness, exposing master-minds of Boko Haram, and promptly alerting the public of the vices, manipulation, and deception of the sect.

The report, though short is apt and very timely at this time to unravel the vices of Boko Haram and guard against the further spread of insurgency and violence in Northern Nigeria, Nigeria and West Africa as a whole.


Publisher: Mercy Corps

Date of Publication: September 2016

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