In Print: Integrating Climate into our Strategy

General Electric published this paper as a first chapter to a bigger research project on the future of work. A short paper, it describes how the future of industries and productions will be transformed through the use of industrial internet, advanced manufacturing, and collective human intelligence.

Splitting the paper into three sessions, the authors give an in-depth explanation of how the three forces (industrial internet, advanced manufacturing, and collective human intelligence) will improve productivity and economic growth in future.

Through industrial Internet, which the authors call ‘brilliant machines’, technology will be used to provide intelligent information, whilst saving man-hours, and ensuring more efficient and rewarding services. Furthermore, through advanced manufacturing referred to as brilliant factories, new production processes and new materials can be developed.

The authors equate the influence of the industrial Internet and advanced manufacturing to an increase in the number of workers, enhanced creativity, entrepreneurship, and an opportunity to contribute to global body of knowledge.

The paper thus concludes that although achieving this future of transformation will take time and will require huge investments, it is the key to productivity, growth, and economic advancement.

Authors: Marco Annunziata & Stephan Biller
Publisher: General Electric
Date of Publication: May, 2014

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