In Print: Integrating Climate into our Strategy

We are reminded how serious climate change issues are when major players in emissions roll out strategies to fight it. Total Plc. in this very salient report discloses its position on climate issues, its mitigation strategy, and future plans to contribute to keeping global warming under 2oC according to the global climate change agreement.

The report, in four sections sheds light on how the company intends to stay in business whilst meeting the 2oC target through current actions, future preparations, and resultant figures.

With the use of energy mix, improving energy efficiency, development of renewables, reducing Green House Gas emissions in its facilities, and investment in Research and Development, Total Plc. is committed to support this fight. Furthermore, the company disclosed its withdrawal from coal marketing, development of technologies, and the substitution of coal with natural gas. The report also explains the company’s resilience towards climate change-induced natural disasters and facilities set up to withstand them.

The revelation of Total Plc’s advocacy for carbon pricing mechanisms and its leadership and membership in several climate change initiatives, communicate the commitment of the corporation and its employees especially the CEO and management staff.

Commendably, the inclusion of main challenges in integrating climate change into the operations strategy makes the report honest and believable. Moreover, the addition of section four on figures perhaps emphasizes credibility and validates the reported progress, achievements, and plans using IPIECA’s Climate Change Reporting Framework and the CDP’s Climate Change Questionnaire.

If a major player in emissions is leading the reduction campaign, who else shouldn’t? The report generally emphasizes that there should be new optimism in the fight of climate change.


Publisher: Total

Date of Publication: May, 2016

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