IN PRINT- Partner with Business Schools to Advance Sustainability: Ideas to Inspire Action

Two good heads in partnership are said to be better than one, this is equally true in the case of business partnerships. This book draws attention to an important but rather often neglected and unique form of partnership in achieving sustainable development – partnerships between businesses and business schools.

The writer takes the reader through the benefits of business-business school partnerships, how to find the perfect partner, tips for developing strong partnerships, and ideas for partnerships with benefits to the SDGs. This 23-page book; rather a guide, further discusses the five (5) types of partnerships, using case studies taken from across countries. The (ITCCR) – Influence, Train, Consult, Collaborate, and Research partnership types are proven to impact on all SDG-related issues.

It is rather disappointing to discover that the aspect of ‘finding a partner’ is not well discussed as only site links are simply offered for readers to conduct further research on. Although the aim of the writer to simplify the book is understandable, yet a bulleted list on how to find a partner would have given a clearer background to the next topic on ‘tips for developing strong partnerships’. Finding the perfect partner definitely goes beyond looking through lists and profiles of possible partners.

Nonetheless, the book points a reader’s attention to the importance of SDG 17 (Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize global partnership for the SDGs), which if explored, will drive the attainment of the other goals.

Title: Partner with Business Schools to Advance Sustainability: Ideas to Inspire Action

Author: Giselle Weybrecht

Publisher: United Nations Global Compact Office

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