In Print: The CR & Sustainability Salary Survey 2016

As more corporate organisations continue to embrace Corporate Social Responsibility, the necessity for more CSR studies has remained on the rise. Acre, Carnstone and Flag, three (3) expert sustainability consultancies, have taken it upon themselves to annually present a CR and Sustainability Salary Survey to reflect the state of CR and Sustainability salaries in the UK and across other continents.

This edition, based on responses from 1,296 respondents gathered largely from the UK, and also from the EU, North America, and a few other region, reveals findings on the value companies/organisations place on CRS and its practitioners.

It shows data on the salaries of CRS professionals, both in-house and consultants, their qualifications, key competences, strategy development and reporting, and job satisfaction levels of professionals. It also discloses data on the commitment of companies to CRS activities, revealing the social impact of activities on the society vis a vis CRS investments.

As salaries of consultants are shown not to be better that those of in-house workers, salaries somehow determine performance. However, CRS professionals are generally quoted to derive higher job satisfaction. Furthermore, the survey shares some major skills and competences expected of a CRS consultant. It also emphasizes the importance of reporting and performance measurements.

Results of the survey are further corroborated with relevant testimonials from industry leaders across several corporations across continents. Nevertheless, the survey cannot be considered comprehensive considering the inevitable limitation of access to data from several regions (limitation expressed in report), especially Africa, Asia, and the Pacific. Therefore, although a well-articulated survey report well thought out and clearly authoritative for CRS professionals and other stakeholders; global coverage remains limited.

Publisher: Acre, Carnstone and Flag

Date of Publication: 2016


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