In an attempt to bring more visibility to a ‘booming’ technology, the Energy Storage Association (ESA) started a new campaign known as #StorageIsHere. This campaign was joined by Sandia National Laboratories and it was discovered that ways to make magnetic materials that result in better, less-weighted and pocket friendly transformers that is useful for flexible energy storage system and adoption of renewable energy has been discovered and developed.

It was said that a rapid installation of solar, wind and geothermal energy system could be made possible through power conversion system and transportable energy storage. The facilities of this storage system is said to produce iron nitride powder by ball-milling the powder in liquid nitrogen and ammonia. The Iron nitride powders are then condensed through low temperature Field Assisted Sintering Technique (FAST) which then forms solid materials through the application of heat and pressure.

Todd Monson, a researcher, said this method could make transformers about ten times smaller than they already are.

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