Whole Foods, a grocery chain, is in the process of installing about a hundred rooftop solar systems through NRG Energy, on at least a quarter of its store centres with expansion possibilities as the installations proceed. The project is expected to increase renewable energy generated in communities where these stores are located according to Kathy Luftus, a global leader in sustainability at the company.

The idea of solar energy will not only help the company’s image but also reduce cost of electricity as compared with the bills paid usually. The installations are expected to range between five times to two hundred times the normal home installation which will serve as a model for installations at other sites.

Due to pressure to reduce price for better price competitiveness, the grocer had come up with this. On the part of NRG, this shows that, apart from being ambitious to be the front liner in the industry, as it was during the tenure of the former CEO, will be able to garner more market for its products. The new chief executive of NGR, Mauricio Gutierrez, said that that NGR was realigning its focus to the core business and was about rounding off a discussion on the outcome on the issue of home solar and electric vehicles.

He then said the NGR will keep investing in large scale wind and solar systems both for organizations and individuals.


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