InPrint: Canada: A Global Leader in Renewable Energy: Enhancing Collaboration on Renewable Energy Technologies

A Report from the Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Over the last decade, renewable electricity generating capacity has grown at a rapid rate. This report documents the progress of renewable energy in Canada.

It paints an interesting picture to show that Canada is a world leader in the production and use of renewable energy, with renewable energy representing 17 percent of its total primary energy supply. In the electricity sector, hydroelectricity is the largest renewable energy source in Canada, accounting for approximately 60 percent of Canada’s electricity generation. The report further confirms that the country now has one of the largest tidal barrage power plants in the world – the 20-megawatt (MW) Annapolis tidal power plant in Nova Scotia.
Not only does the publication account for the present state of renewables in Canada, it also projects that Canada’s reliance on electricity produced from renewable energy sources, including, hydro, wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and marine; is set to increase.

The publisher shares from observation to reflect that while hydroelectric capacity has grown quickly, wind and solar energy remain the fastest growing sources of electricity in Canada; the average annual growth rate for both wind and solar has approached 40 percent over the past decade, although from a much smaller base.
Besides, renewables are noted to be obviously important in Canada’s electricity trade with the United States.

Finally, it details the plans of the Canadian government towards improving the development of renewable energy sources in the country, stressing that in realizing more growth in the use of renewable energy, the government and industry associations have projected in terms that the growth in deploying renewable electricity capacity will continue. To back this up, they have raised policies that would ensure smooth activities needed for developing renewable sources.

The report succinctly explains the obvious development and great use of renewable energy in Canada over the last decade. It is therefore a must read for governments, policy makers, private sector, and citizens of developing countries, especially developing economies, to learn from Canada in developing their renewable energy sources.

Date of Publication: August 2013


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