InPrint: Citizenship, Sustainability, and Innovation 2016 Report

In Print: Citizenship, Sustainability, and Innovation 2016 Report

Publisher: Union Bank

Date of Publication: 2017

The first of its kind from Union Bank, the Citizenship, Sustainability, and Innovation 2016 report showcases a summary of the bank’s strategic approach, initiatives, and impact in the areas of citizenship, sustainability, and innovation. It demonstrates a commitment to community development, stakeholder satisfaction, transparency, and accountability, not leaving behind a dedication to the bank’s overall value proposition.

Sectioned into four chapters, the report broadly discloses the bank’s activities in the areas of Stakeholder Engagement, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainability, and Innovation. A constant engagement with its over 2,700 employees, community engagement with millions of stakeholders in the communities of operations, series of collaboration with development partners, and employee development/ innovation challenge, are some of the highlights of the report.

A sustainability approach based on the Nigerian Sustainability Banking Principles (NSBP) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a commendable reflection of the bank’s commitment to the sustainability of the Nigerian financial sector as a whole, sustainability within the bank, and the sustainable development of the planet. The report itemises the bank’s performances in the nine NSBPs and the seven SDGs it prioritises. It further reflects a heightened commitment to a sustainable future, through a highlight of ‘Union Bank at 100 future commitments’.

After 100 years of existence, Union Bank through this report can be said to have captured its commitment towards a simpler, smarter world. However, the reporting standard employed is not stated in the report as expected of any corporate report. It is more pictorial and conversational than capturing core material issues, as is required of a sustainability report. Nonetheless, it stands out due to the emphasis on decentralized governance as key members of staff (not stated but perhaps, can be assumed to be the Sustainability Champions) are featured to report on the contributions of their respective teams.

A fantastic visual appeal, clarity of content, with scores of examples and quotes clearly deliver the message of the report and the seemingly impressive performance of the bank.

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