INPRINT: Global Leaders, Challengers and Champions: The Engines of Emerging Markets

Emerging economies constituting about 80% of global population and 20% of world economies have been described as drivers of global growth. The Boston Consulting Group, in this report examines common trends in these emerging markets.

A follow up on its first list of global challengers – ‘companies changing the world’ published ten (10) years ago, this publication re-examines the emerging markets and the growth of the companies on the first list, over the past decade.

The report shows that 19 out of the 193 global challengers have become global leaders in the course of 10 years while 100 have remained as global challengers. Besides, 70 have shifted the sources of success while only 4 have experienced shrinking and huge loses. Furthermore, BCG reveals B2B businesses as making up about two-thirds of the challengers and the industrial goods sector as forming the largest number of challengers. In addition, China and India have stood out as top emerging markets.

The report proceeds to disclose five (5) attributes that differentiate the challengers that graduated to global leaders from those that remained as challengers. It then takes a deeper look at why and how they graduated. In addition, the writers give three (3) primary strategic approaches as key to their advancements. BCG further classifies global champions to be those neither yet global leaders nor challengers but are experiencing growth on the path to becoming challengers and leaders in the next decade. These organisations are spread over 44 countries.

A chapter on projections of growth in the next 15years provides a future guide to anyone interested in learning about the growth of emerging markets. Furthermore, the use of case studies of companies earmarks the step-by-step evolution of the three categories. This is rounded off by a final chapter that provides advisory to the organisations in the three (3) categories on how to remain on top.

BCG has produced an easy to comprehend and straightforward report with the aid of relevant info graphics that makes the report easier to read and a collector’s item for today’s chief executive.

Publisher: The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Date of Publication: 2016 




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