#InPrint: Global Opportunity Report 2018

Sustainability, as originally phrased in the Brundtland Report is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Therefore, if the world is to achieve all targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, then it must see opportunities as Sustainable.

The fourth edition of the annual Global Opportunity Report, outlines four main goals it focuses on and how new market opportunities may be derived from each of these goals to meet business solutions.

With colorful graphical illustrations, infographics and images, mapped business opportunities that directly address these challenging, four cross-cutting goals that are most likely to miss their 2030 targets: Goal 10 “Reduced Inequalities”, Goal 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production”, Goal 13 “Climate Action”, and Goal 14 “Life Below Water.”

In the pages that follow, health, food, water, and energy are four of the biggest markets featured in the four years of the Global Opportunity Report as they touch on several of the opportunities and therefore serve as excellent illustrations of how future markets will emerge in two key areas:

  • The intersection between specific markets
  • The edge of existing markets

Furthermore, the report gives a broader view of each of these goals with a breakdown of opportunities, solutions and impact in meeting targets.

The publication may be perceived as a follow up of conversations from previous reports with an extensive consideration for all 17 SDGs and how the business environment may better tap into the opportunities presented by each of these goals whilst achieving its targets if no one will truly be left behind.

Publisher: DNV GL AS

Date of Publication: 2018

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