#InPrint: How do they do it? Community Investment Professionals and their Operating Environment – A look behind the scenes.

As a growth strategy and sustainability measure, companies are increasingly placing community investments and social responsibilities at the centre of their corporate operations. This report, tilting from the conventional Community Investment (CI) / Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports on activities and projects, distinctively reveals how the custodians of community investments in a company – corporate investment professionals, operate.

CIRT, a platform that advocates best practices for corporate investment in Asia published this insightful report based on interviews with CIRT professionals across four (4) Asian regions, to showcase how they carry out their daily investment activities, the necessary skills to be a successful professional, roles, characteristics, and the operating environment of these professionals.

Emphasizing the importance of communication, project management, and stakeholder relation skills as indispensable to a CI professional, the report can qualify as an attributive manual to an intending CI professional. Furthermore, situating the work environment of CI professionals by all other departments in a company, in the activities of interrelating with foundations, NGOs, and communities; the report can serve as an operations manual to an already practicing CI professional.

This ‘manual’ then drives its objectives home by citing what exactly CI professionals/units of leading companies in the practice of CI do. A reader can understand how the Bank of America Merrill Lynch selects its CI partners, learn about the community engagement of PwC, and discover the Coca Cola application for community support, to mention a few of the over ten (10) leading corporations showcased.

The report, unique but absolutely relevant is useful as a guide not just to Asian corporate investment professionals but to their counterparts all over the world, in performing better in community engagement and business growth.

Publisher: CSR Asia Community Investment Round Table (CIRT)

Date of Publication: 2015

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