#InPrint: ISO 26000 and the SDGs



A 20-page brochure, the publication seeks to communicate the need for all stakeholders to jointly drive and contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and achieving all targets.

Whilst outlining all 17 goals, the brochure also depicts the link between the ISOs and the SDGs with emphasis on the ISO 26000 standards which seeks to help businesses and organizations contribute to sustainable development by performing their social responsibility.

It may also be termed a guide-book as it provides guidance on how organisations and businesses may integrate ethical and transparent practices into their daily operations taking into account the expectations of stakeholders, applicable laws and international norms of behavior.

With creative and graphically appealing images, infographics and tables, the overview and structure of the ISO 26000, its linkage to the SDGs, key roles and issues to be addressed; is easily captured for easy articulation.

A simple and concise report, it is ideal to guide and adequately inform every stakeholder- customers, shareholders, employees, investors, supply chain alike, including intending stakeholders and all individuals on how they can play their role in contributing to Sustainable Development, leaving no one behind.

Publisher: International Organization for Standardization

Year of Publication: 2016

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