InPrint: McKinsey on Sustainability and Resource Productivity

A proliferation of new energy sources, transformed mobility sources, and industry fragmentation are the three realities McKinsey discloses as game changers in energy and natural resource use for value creation and sustainable impact management. Energy companies and policy makers must surely change their strategies to meet the energy demands of the nearest future.

Featuring five articles and two interviews, this book thoroughly dissects the global future of energy. The thrust of each article ranges from renewable energy, advanced technologies to transport and sustainability.

As industry experts, McKinsey and Company envision a future of transportation centred on integrated mobility with a combination of shared mobility, autonomous driving, electric vehicles, internet of things, public transit, infrastructure, decentralization of energy systems, and regulation. Furthermore, the book emphasizes the realities of offshore wind as currently led by Europe, the role of government subsidies in aiding transition to clean energy, and the needed advanced technologies for capturing carbon whilst reducing greenhouse gases.

An understanding of the realities of different regions is well displayed by the publisher as the transition models and strategies to cleaner energy are classified and approached based on the level of development; giving specific directions to developed, emerging, and developing countries.

Moreover, the two in-depth interviews with policy makers and sustainability experts exhaustively address issues of smooth and global transition from the current planet-threatening energy system to cleaner energy sources and the importance of communicating sustainability (sustainability reporting) to attracting valuable investors and retaining stakeholders’ trust.

The central message of the book nudges companies, policy makers, and governments across the world to an unavoidable reality – unless stakeholders begin to plan for the future of energy, they could find themselves left adrift.

Publisher: McKinsey and Company

Date of Publication: May 2017

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