#InPrint: #Nigeria: Sustainable Development Goals #SDGs Baseline Report 2016

In the world of projects and systems, it is trite that if you want to ascertain whether or not a particular project or idea is working or would work; that you take a step back and look through your  indicators to ascertain what is/ isn’t working and how to navigate one’s way to achieve the set goal.

Hence, it is important to first appraise the Government for seeing the need to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the SDGs in Nigeria through this report.

The Nigeria Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Indicators Baseline Report 2016 is a 100 paged document that was put together by the National Bureau of Statistics, in collaboration with the Office of Senior Special Assistant to the President on SDGs and the United Development Programme (UNDP).

It is said that this report provides a benchmark of the statistical information required for monitoring progress in the implementations of SDGs in Nigeria. This report also serves to evaluate the progress achieved in the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria.

Sources such as the Nigerian Living Standard Survey (NLSS), Nigerian Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS), General Household (Panel) Survey, Multiple Indicators Cluster SURVEY (MICS) bestows a high level of credibility to the report.

Commendably, out of 230 Indicators of the SDGs, this Report captured 126 indicators. Nevertheless, the report revealed that some indicators were left out due to unavailability of data.

This publication clearly shows the importance of data availability in Nigeria which begs the question: Has Nigeria evolved enough like other developing countries with regard to data storage and availability?

Publisher: The Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on SDGs, Federal Government of Nigeria; & The National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria.

Date of Publication: 2017


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