#InPrint: Rising To The Youth Employment Challenge–New Evidence On Key Policy Issues

This publication is one in a series of publications which analyse evidence, collect and disseminate key findings on what works for youth employment so as to inform more effective employment policies.

The policy issues covered in the book were selected with reference to the five pillars of the International Labour Organization’s (ILO’s) multi-pronged approach to youth employment policy. These pillars are:

  1. Employment and economic policies for youth employment;
  2. Employability – education, training and skills, and the school-to-work transition;
  3. Labour market policies;
  4. Youth entrepreneurship and self-employment; and
  5. Rights for young people.

The book is also aimed at those interested in the design and implementation of effective policies to promote decent work for young people. It adopts a variety of appropriate methodologies to examine a series of specific questions related to youth employment policy with a view to producing specific policy recommendations to support the more effective integration of young people into decent work.

It is an eight chapter book and ends by offering a perspective on what needs to be done in continuously building evidence and evaluating the impact of policies.

Date published: 2017      

Publisher: International Labour Organization

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