#InPrint: Strategy For Sustainability; A Business Manifesto

If you are curious as to how sustainability is tied to the larger corporate picture then this book is for you.

The first part of the book is focused on the role played by the upper management in ensuring sustainability, later parts of the book emphasizes on how any individual can create positive change in business.

The Author uses a lot practical real-life cases to buttress his points which are very interesting and engaging. Case studies of how some successful small companies started out as sustainable companies and how larger corporations have made progress into becoming more sustainable companies were mentioned.

He also introduces what he refers to as ‘The STaR plan’. STaR stands for Society, Technology, and Resources. He explains the importance of managing these factors towards the creation of a sustainable company and how sustainability is strongly linked with successful company performance. He also spends a lot of time discussing how important it is to engage employees at all levels

The importance of transparency to both a company’s customers and its employees is highlighted. The book applies well to both small and large companies.

Adam Werbach, is an environmental activist, author and entrepreneur. In 1996, he became the youngest person ever elected as national president of the Sierra Club, at the age of 23.

Author: Adam Werbach

Year of Publication: 2009

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