#INPRINT Sustaining the strong momentum

This publication is the 2017 Sustainability report by the Zenith bank of Nigeria. The Chairman of the organization stated that for every social and environment initiative that was invested in during the year under review, the pertinent question for the firm was how the impact of whatever action that was taken would influence the Sustainable Development Goals and Nigeria’s sustainable growth objectives.

The report was prepared in accordance with the new GRI standards, the general disclosure and management approach guidelines for the different indicators, as well as the financial services sector specific disclosure guidelines. All these standards are followed in the reporting.

The report states and highlights Zenith banks progress and challenges in sustainable banking, it also discloses the positive and negative footprints on the economy, natural environment and the society. It shows the different stakeholder engagement platforms that were deployed, the material issues that emerged from these engagements and how they were managed and addressed during the year.

It also integrates the reporting requirements of other sustainability standards, including principles and standards of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC); United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative (UNEP-FI); United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights; International Labor Organization (ILO) and International Finance Corporation.

This publication is concise and well-documented, however, it is stated that there are still huge gaps to fill in the organizations sustainability journey, especially in the capture, documentation, measurement and monitoring of their organizational footprint.


AUTHORS: Zenith Bank




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