InPrint: The Living Wage: A Global Overview of Initiatives and Regulations


In Print: The Living Wage: A Global Overview of Initiatives and Regulations

Publisher: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

Date of Publication: 2017

The global body for professional accountants published this report to reveal global living wage developments and to identify legal frameworks that have evolved to support it. It is the first of two jointly issued reports by the ACCA and the Living Wage Foundation.

Defining the concept of living wage as a wage rate that should provide households with a minimum standard of living, the report captures it as not only an economic and social issue but also a business issue based on value creation. The publication therefore provides an overview to the living wage situations in Europe, Australia & New Zealand, North America, and Asia & Africa.

The German and Netherlands governments are captured as the most active in continental Europe with respect to living wage while the United States operates  city-by-city and state-by-state living wage laws. Other regions are also examined.

Other sections of the report evaluate the role of local governments, the academia and research groups, as well as campaign and support groups, in the establishment of living wage standards in the countries featured.

The engaging report therefore ends with an identification of the different business cases for implementing a living wage, cases which are making employers begin to accept the idea of fixing living wages in certain regions. The challenges militating against living wage in some other regions are also captured, especially in Africa and Asia.

Although a frank and well-researched publication, it slightly tilts in the direction of the European and American regions with very sparse examples from Africa. It is however a reminder to governments and businesses globally, on the bright side to implementing a living wage for sustainable development of their economies and future.

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