#InPrint: The State of #CSR In #Nigeria: 2016 #AnnualReview #CSRReview16



This Report is the annual review of the progress made towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Nigeria and was designed to answer questions and offer a perspective on the practice of CSR in Nigeria – as an organisational strategy, philanthropy, or as a periodic charitable giving.

This study, the second after five years, was aimed at bridging the information gap in Nigeria about CSR, by identifying practices in organisations of all sizes and sectors in the N i g e r i a n e c o n o m y a n d g a u g i n g t h e perception of business leaders as to what constitutes CSR practices in the country.

The report also gives an insight into the methodology of the survey and processes used to justify how it arrived at it results, giving credibility to its outcomes. Nonetheless, the survey also experienced challenges in the gathering of data as responses were low.

The study captures some of the major details about the current state of Corporate Social Responsibility in the country, including:

  • Health, education and environment are likely to be the core focus areas for CSR initiatives in the near future.
  • About 7 of 10 businesses (from various sectors) now engage in CSR initiatives.
  • 52% of businesses engaging in CSR are MSMEs
  • Educational interventions, mostly in form of donations tops the list of CSR initiatives in surveyed organizations.
  • 76% publish neither CSR nor Sustainability Reports
  • 86% of organisations surveyed do not have a CSR department

Drawing out the need to provide information about the practice of CSR in Nigeria, the report may be regarded as a means to an end for industry leaders and thought leaders as it enables businesses to develop new ideas, solutions and revenue streams from gaps within the ecosystem, especially where organisations require technical support.

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