#InPrint: The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Expert Opinion Report: Insights and advice from experts working to advance the SDGs in Nigeria & Africa

The publication gives insight into Nigeria’s contribution towards ensuring the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals are met and how far the country has come in terms of meeting the targets.

Written by 3 passionate experts in their respective fields, the publication is an offshoot of individual conversations and interviews that have been previously shared online. For each of the 17 goals, a stakeholder or expert addressed the issues in detail with suggestions on approaches on how Nigeria can achieve these targets.

Several themes kept recurring across the various discussions- the importance of partnerships and collaboration; the need for data to drive action; the need for enabling policies by the government; increased participation of the private sector; localized action for community ownership; mass awareness of the goals; and of course, funding.

Also, the clarion call for the youth to get involved in the SDGs to secure their future and ensure Sustainable Development in Nigeria and globally, cannot be missed.

Concise, straight to the point and easy to read, the publication also displays unique toon imageries, breaking each of the goals into segments and the targets that have been set by them. This is to enable every Nigerian, every stakeholder easily assess and have a better understanding of what we, as a nation, can do to achieve Sustainability and Sustainable Development.

However, this bags the question: Did Nigeria adopt all 17 Sustainable Development Goals? If so, how feasible is that?

Date of publication: April, 2017

Publishers: Adiya Atuluku, Olu Ogunlela & Adedotun Owolabi

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