#INPRINT: Unilever Sustainable Living Plan: Summary of Progress 2015

Over the last 10 years, sustainability has been at the core of almost every business and organization’s plan. This again is evident in a 21-page, progress report on the Unilever Sustainability Living Plan. Launched in 2010, the Unilever Sustainability Living Plan (USLP) is Unilever’s blueprint for sustainable growth. The plan consists of three (3) goals and nine (9) commitments, set to make sustainable living commonplace, where it grows its business while contributing to the society.

The report emphasizes the progress made in the company’s sales as a result of its sustainable living products, which made up for nearly half of its 2015 growth. It further exposes the cost and risk reduction levels attained as a result of respecting the environment in its operations, which also increased stakeholders’ trust in the brand – especially staff and customers.

This report not only shows evidence for what contributions the incorporation of sustainability has made to the business in each of its different brands and as a whole business; it also reveals the ‘what and how’ of each brand’s strategies. This impresses a perception in the minds of readers that sustainability has a ripple effect.

In this succinct report, Unilever reintroduces each product as a sustainability living brand demonstrating purpose, direct growth effects that further accentuates the theme of the report. However, the climax is the summary of progress under each of the three (3) sustainable living plan goals of improving health and wellbeing, reducing environmental impact, and enhancing livelihoods, with the use of case studies and examples from Unilever’s various countries of operation.

Finally, in order to associate with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this report reveals how Unilever intends to join the global development agenda and climate campaign as well as how it plans to contribute to achieving the goals by 2030.

A very apt report, these pages clearly convince readers that integrating sustainability into a business strategy in the long run pays the business, the community, and by extension, the world.

Publisher: Unilever Plc.

Date of Publication: 2015

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