#INPRINT: Hot and Bothered

Although this report may convert readers into climate change advocates, yet fighting climate change is not just enough rather, the productive steps required to bring the needed effect are desired. Prior to this, many people have written about the effects of climate change and proffered renewable energy as a solution, this short but special report reveals other options and swells up the desire to act.

Using Germany as a case study, the Economist argues the erratic and expensive nature of renewables -wind and solar; sun does not always shine sufficiently and wind can drop, more so, the production of both is still expensive. Furthermore, drawing attention to China, it gives debatable evidences to show that the nation will remain a heavy polluter even with heavy investments in nuclear power and renewables.

The tone of the report becomes more direct as the writer points the attention of the reader to how both developed and developing nations have started preparing to adjust to changing times, which will not solve the looming problem but confirms the resilient nature of man. The report proceeds to call for attention to geo-engineering as a solution to be explored and the need to research its possibility, as a sole means or a combined means with other renewable options.

Dwelling on the core of the matter, ‘Hot and Bothered’ adequately prompts a reader to join the fight against climate change because it is impossible to run the world without consuming the earth.


Publisher: The Economist
Date of Publication: November 28, 2015


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