International Literacy Day

UNESCO will award its Literacy Prizes on the 7th of September on the eve of International Literacy Day, celebrated every year on the 8th of September. The theme chosen for 2018 focuses on literacy and skills development.

Earlier in the day, an International Conference on Literacy and Skills Development will bring together investors and decision-makers from all over the world to examine how unified approaches to literacy and skills development can help close the literacy gap and improve learners’ ability to meet the needs of today’s progressively globalized employment market.

Universally, at least 750 million people still lack basic literacy skills.  Also, many of the 192 million unemployed worldwide are unable to find a reasonable livelihood due to the lack of foundational skills, including literacy.

These challenges are at the heart of this year’s International Literacy Day, which will seek to discover effective, collective approaches to literacy learning and skills development so as to prepare and support life-long learning to improve livelihood.

Acquiring this fundamental skill marks a first step toward freedom from social and economic limitations. Literacy is the basis of individual and collective development. It helps break the violent circles of social and gender exclusion.

We have to create a world in which every individual sets of the basic skills they need. UNESCO is committed to working on the redefinition of literacy policies to encourage innovative educational practices. On this Day, All the actors in education and beyond are invited to commit themselves to bringing closer to the achievement of full literacy.

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