IPP Solar project: A Good Move to Achieving #SDG Goal 7?

There have been a lot of conversations as to how as individuals, organizations and government can work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) that was developed  by the United Nations

It can be said that for the 17 SDG’s to be achieved, all hands must be on deck including individuals, parastatals, governments and NON-Government Organization’s (NGO’s); who must in their own way, contribute their quota and work hand-in-hand.

The recent step of the Federal Government through the Energy Commission of Nigeria(ECN) and other stakeholders under the “Grid -Connected Renewable Energy Investor’s Forum” to meet with prospective investors to address the challenges hindering the construction of the First ever Power Producer (IPP) solar project can be said to be laudable.

This forum was supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) was meant to create awareness among stakeholders, establish the current status and challenges of on-grid renewable electricity generation in Nigeria.

The IPP project comes as a component of a five-year Global Environment Facility (GEF) with the objective of assisting the government in achieving a transformation in the electricity mix such that at least 20 GW of electricity is generated from solar PV by 2030.

In order to mitigate challenges of lack of professionals in renewable energy technologies with regard to this project, the stakeholders would seek for collaboration between the investors and training institutions.

Will this take us further in achieving SDG Goal 7-Affordable and Clean Energy?

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