Iran Invests $3 billion to renewable projects


Iranian minister, Hamid Chitchian; has announced Iran’s plans to invest $3 billion into the construction of renewable energy power plants. “Iran intends to launch a large-scale project to construct renewable energy power plants in the course of the Sixth Five-Year Development Plan, in order to generate 5,000 MW of energy,” Chitchian said.

While speaking at an event to launch the inauguration of the renewable energy power plant in Hamedan, he stated that the biggest operating plant was generating just 1megawatt. “But today, two 7-megawatt power plants have been launched in Hamedan and the construction of three more have begun,” he said.

According to the minister, work had already begun on the projects in Hamedan, with construction starting on three more large scale solar plants in the province. The country plans to set up a number of renewable energy projects with a total capacity of 75 megawatt by 2030. Generating more green power at home would allow the country to export more of its fossil fuels, Chitchian said in July.


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