JetBlue’s Sustainability Grant Program Sends Two Students to the ‘OUR OCEAN’ Conference

The ‘Our Ocean’ conference, hosted in Washington D.C. last month, focused on the key ocean issues of our time including marine pollution and climate-related impacts. JetBlue collaborated with the U.S. State Department to send two students to the two-day event.

During the conference, students had the opportunity to engage with sustainability thought leaders and stakeholders around the globe, raising awareness for the protection of sensitive marine ecosystems, many of which are found in the various Caribbean destinations that JetBlue serves.

JetBlue is eager to support students in their engagement with ocean and tourism-related solutions because of the ocean’s close relationship to tourism. JetBlue has previously collaborated with The Ocean Foundation to show the economic value of clean beaches by directly tying the importance of nature to our airline’s finances.

Two grant winners, Joshua Youse and Elizabeth Podbielski, were selected by JetBlue and the U.S. State Department. One of our winners, Elizabeth Podbielski, studies marine biology at Northeastern University. Currently, Elizabeth is a Marine Ecology Research Technician for her university. The other was Joshua Youse. Joshua shared some insights about his experience at the conference, and his inspiration to protect the marine environment.

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